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We got this “happy” pic from Melanie and she picked up some Lake Loot!


winner Melanie Olsen



Some guest DJ’s hung out at the Lake 94.7 today. Madeline, Max and Marigny were a lot of fun and you can hear part of their interview below.




We also spoke with Cindi Wood, who will be at New Zion Baptist Church in the middle of August as part of their Faith Fiesta. Find out more about Cindi in the interview below or on her website HERE. 







Lake Loot


Q: About 1 in 6 of us have kept this since high school. What is it?

A: Our best friend

Winner: No winner!


Q: 1 in 5 of us prefer to do this chore at home. Many of us do not. What?

A: Wash the car!

Winner: Ray Gorman from Covington!


Q: Almost 1 in 5 women have been known to do THIS when they get mad. What?

A: Throw shoes!

Winner: Rebecca Hanauer from Madisonville!


Q: New brides say this is the least popular place for a guy to pop the question.  Where?

A: A sporting venue!

Winner: Natalie Varcasia from Slidell!


Q: Research shows that women with THIS live shorter lives and are more prone to certain diseases. What is it?

A: Multiple children

Winner: Eric Reilly from Covington!

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