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It was a fun day today with guests from Habitat and Walk With Me CIC. First, though, our winner from yesterday on social media. It was a “Two for Tuesday” pic and this one from Erin was the best one….


Erin Dumun



Our first guests today were here to talk about Hammers and Heels, which benefits Habitat for Humanity St Tammany West. Jennifer, Leigh Anne and Sara spoke about this new fashion show and who it will be helping. Find out more in the interview below.






We also met Latoyia and Kenny from Walk with Me CIC. Their Back to School Community Resource Fair is this Saturday at Bogue Chitto Park in Covington. They will have school supplies, clothes, and much more for the kids who need them. Find out more in the interview below.







walk with me



Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 5 of us do this at work at least twice a week, but no one ever knows about it. What is it?

A: Show up late!

Winner: No Winner!

7:10 AND 7:40

Q: When it comes to relationships experts say you’re not really expected to do this for your significant other until you’ve been together for at least 6 months. What is it?

A: Plan a birthday party for them!

Winner: Rebecca Lee from Covington!


Q: More than 50% of women say they do this much better than their husband. What is it?

A: Mowing the lawn!

Winner: Abbey Strecker from Mandeville!


Q: Instead of that long weekend for a much needed break, studies suggest you might be better off if you do THIS. What is it?

A: kipping out on a Wednesday

Winner: Andrea Watson from Mandeville!

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