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Here is our winning pic from social media yesterday!!!! Thanks to Megan for submitting it…


Megan Cavalier


Today we had Amanda Paxton in from St Tammany Parish Hospital. She spoke about some of their upcoming events including Monster Mash and The Gala. Find out more in the interview below.







We had some guests in from Slidell who are trying to get to London. Avery, Harleigh and Charlotte are local students who were invited to participate in the All American Cheerleader event in London. You can donate to their trip HERE. 







Lake Loot


Q: Parents across the country are now hiring tutors for their kids to help them with THIS. What is it?

A: Fortnite

Winner: Patrick McCloskey from Slidell!


Q: 6 in 10 Americans believe this to be true, even though there is no proof that it is so. What is it?

A: That there is intelligent life in outer space

Winner: Susan Danielson-Allen from Mandeville!


Q: We buy enough of this each year in America to wrap it around the planet more than five times. What?

Answer: Weed-eater line!

Winner: Winfield Woodruff from Covington!


Q: The average man spends 3,300 hours (about 140 days) of his life doing this.

A: Shaving!

Winner: Vanessa Wall from Covington!


Q: Around 60,000 Americans are doing this right this moment. What is it?

A: Flying in a plane

Winner: Brett Bernard from Mandeville!

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