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Today we had Amy Bouton in from STPG. She told us about several infrastructure projects they have going on. You can hear her in the interview below.






We also spoke with Miranda and Amber with Kiwanis Club of Camellia City. They have a sock drive going on for local school kids. Find out how you can help below. Connect with them on FB HERE. 






Lake Loot


Q: If you’re average, your home has nine of these.  What?

A: Unfinished do-it-yourself projects.

Winner: Erin Ballam from Ponchy!

7:10 and 7:40

Q: When it comes to doing things around the house in average American households, women do this over 70% of the time. What is it?

A: Make the bed!

Winner: Katelyn Moree from Slidell!


Q: When it comes to a weird way to eat something, less than 1 in 10 of us do THIS first. What is it?

A: Put milk in a bowl BEFORE cereal!

Winner: Katie Martindale from Mandeville!


Q: People were asked what is the hardest driving maneuver; the #1 answer was parallel parking, what’s #2?

A: Backing into a parking space

Winner: Kelsey Foreman from Mandeville!

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