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What a great winning pic from yesterday! Jackelyn’s “E” was for Enlisted, as they celebrated her Marine’s homecoming.


Jackelyn Gallo


Today we had Amanda and Mary in from STPH. They talked about the Healing Arts and all the great artists who are participating. You can hear them below.





And Sarah was here from our EDGE of the Lake Magazine. She spoke about the sports inside this issue, as well as the cover story about Abby Sands and more. Get your latest issue for free today, and hear what Sarah had to say about it in the interview below.







Lake Loot


Q: Almost half of people say this is very important to them when it comes to a new car. What?

A: Enough cup holders

Winner: Bobbie Driess from Abita!


Q: What day of the year is the biggest day of the year for the use of emojis???

A: New Year’s Eve

Winner: Sofia Helm of Lacombe!


Q: What is the most common two-letter combination you’ll find in English words?


Winner: Amanda Brown from Pearl River!


Q: More than 2/3rd of parents have a pic in a scrapbook or photo album of their kids as a baby in one of these…what is it?

A: In a tub

Winner: Laurie Calderone from Bush!


Q: People who do THIS for Christmas this year will be happier. What?

A: Decorate early

Winner: Jacob Martin from Hammond!


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