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Family Promise, STOPS, Benefit for Hannah


Today we had David in from Family Promise. They have some events coming up and right now they are replacing the beds they use to help homeless residents of the Northshore. Hear more about in in the interview below.



fam promise



Lynette was here from STOPS, St Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide. Their walk/run is coming up September 8th. You can register online HERE. 





And Carly and Mark stopped by to talk about a benefit for Carly’s sister, who was in a horrible car accident. Carly and Mark’s Sugar Bomb will be playing at the event, which is . Find out more in the interview below.








Lake Loot


Q: This is a specific product you’ll find in 6 out of 10 junk drawers. What is it?

A: Super Glue!

Winner: Katherine Taylor from Madisonville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: A terrible one!!!! We finally just guessed numbers.

A: 2

Winner: Isabella Lober from Lacombe!


Q: You are supposed to but almost half of us never wash this at home. What?

A: Their produce (fruits and vegetables)

Winner: No winner!


Q: Almost half of all men have fallen asleep while doing this. What?

A: Getting a haircut!

Winner: Jessica Perkins from Abita!


Q: When asked what the new father did best during the baby’s first weeks, 1 in 5 new mothers said THIS. What?

A: Stayed out of the way!

Winner: Angel Loycano from Covington!

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