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Today we had NAMI in the studio to talk about what they are up to. Stacy and Nicole spoke about classes coming up. Hear more about what NAMI does for mental health in the interview below.







Lake Loot


Q: In the Midwest a hit and run driver is finally caught and cornered by police. During the stand-off with this guy, he picked up a _____ and held it hostage. What?

A: A frog

Winner: No Winner!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Which U.S. city has at least three nicknames: air crossroads of the world, Chicago of the north, largest city in the largest state?

A: Anchorage, Alaska

Winner: Leah Savoy from Mandeville!


Q: This doesn’t work in one out of every four U.S. homes. What?

A: The Doorbell!

Winner: John Thomas from Covington!


Q: In this survey coffee was the most recognizable smell. Peanut Butter was second. What scent was third?

A: A rose!

Winner: Jamie Gaskill from Slidell!


Q: About 5% of people in the world have this in common. What?

A: They have a College Degree!

Winner: Monica Garner from Lacombe!

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