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Car seat safety. That’s what Marlise and Amanda wanted to talk about today from the Parenting Center at St Tammany Parish Hospital. We learned some new things, including you should never buy a second hand car seat for your kids. Find out more in the interview below.






We also spoke with Marlo from New Orleans Original Daiquiris. They are ready to help you through your football tailgates, office parties, Mardi Gras and more. Hear what she had to say in the interview below.



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Lake Loot


Q: The three most common lies told on dating profiles are income, weight, and _________. What is it?

A: Height

Winner: Josie Ciussi from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: What three rooms in the White House are named after colors?

A: Green Room, Red Room, Blue Room

Winner: Calisto Addy from Slidell!


Q: Almost half of women say buying this can be very stressful. Buying what?

A: A pair of Jeans!

Winner: Petra Hickman from Mandeville!


Q: The more you do this, the more people will like you. What is it?

A: Ask questions!

Winner: Brooke Adams from Slidell!


Q: The average office worker goes through about 7 of these in their lifetime. What?

A: Office chairs!

Winner: Elizabeth Rogers from Covington!

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