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We were DRAGGING yesterday and this is the best pic from our WAKE UP Contest. Thanks Christina Hill Messina! Your pic made us laugh!!!!


Christina Hill Messina


Today we had Paul Chiasson in to talk about their tennis tournament. This event will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Slidell and Rainbow Child Care.  It is September 9th through the 15th but the entry deadline is September 7th. Find out more in the information below.





Our other guest today was St Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith. He stopped in to remind everyone to be safe over the long weekend and that there will be a checkpoint somewhere, so no drinking and driving. He also spoke about the new Resource Officers in all the local schools. Hear him below.






Lake Loot


Q: Almost 1 in 10 people do this RIGHT after a workout. What is it?

A: Smoke a cigarette

Winner: Laura Acker from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: 4 in 10 moms do THIS to make things go smoother in the morning when they drive their kids to school. What?

A: Wear their PJs

Winner: No Winner!


Q: The average man first does this at age 34. What is it?

A: Trims ear hair

Winner: Nicole Campbell from Mandeville!


Q: Women do THIS more than men during their daily commute. What?

A: Drive on ‘Empty’

Winner: Jonah Martin from Hammond!


Q: Around 75% of adults had fun doing this as a kid, usually in the summer. What is it?

A: Using a Slip N Slide

Winner: Jamie Clesi from Covington!

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