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Erica and Susan came in to talk about a screening event going on September 15th. These free cancer screenings were made possible by the Ben Blanchard Memorial Foundation. Find out more about the screenings HERE. Learn about this foundation HERE.  



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We also got to speak with LeAnn Magee about an event coming up in Abita. Their “Drive Electric” event will have electric cars, music, food and more. Learn more about it HERE. 







Lake Loot


Q: About half of American families have 2 of these but 2% of families have 5 or more.  What?

A: Vehicles!

Winner: Peggy Godfrey from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Sea water contains about what percent salt?

A: 4%

Winner: Micah Miller from Ponchy!


Q: One-third of employees would take a 20% pay cut if they got THIS. What?

A: A four days work week

Winner: Amy Dutsch from Slidell!


Q: Studies suggest the greater the difference in THIS between a couple, the happier they are.  What?

A: Height!

Winner: Jeff Picone from Covington!


Q: Men are 4 times more likely to do this at a party than women. What is it?

A: Leave without saying goodbye or thanking the host!!!

Winner: Gina Wilson from Mandeville!

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