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Here’s our online winner, rolling into Tuesday like….


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Today we welcomed Susie from the Northshore Humane Society. She talked about a bunch of events coming up, including this one below.





We also spoke with Larry about Kelly Kicking Cancer, which honors his daughter who was lost to brain cancer. Their event is this Friday night. Learn about it in the interview below.





And we spoke to a couple of writers about the Northshore Literary Society. Pam ad Carroll wanted to invite local writers and groups to participate in their meetings. Hear them below.


Lake Loot


Q: 4 out of 5 North Americans say they would not do THIS, even if it would help them live to be 100. What?

A: Go back to school

Winner: No Winner!


Q: There are two languages visible on the US $1 bill. What are they?

A: English and Latin

Winner: Ben Marquez from Madisonville!


Q: When compared to men, women are 20% more likely to do THIS on their way home from work today. What is it?

A: Speed

Winner: No Winner!


Q: 7 in 10 of us did THIS at some point this past weekend. What was it?

A: Clean

Winner: Carlie Connetti from Pearl River!


Q: She was the mother of Bonnie Blue and ran a saw mill after the Civil War. Who was this character?

A: Scarlett O’Hara

Winner: Lauren Matthews from Madisonville!

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