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Our winning pic online came from Stacy Corcoran. Stacy shared this beautiful pic of her daughter, who is battling cancer again. Given the topic of our interviews today there was question she should win.


stacy corcoran


This morning on the Lake 94.7 started with Linda Tate from the Slidell Newcomers Club. Their 36th annual Craft Show is this weekend at the Northshore Harbor Center. Learn more in the interview below.



new comers pic


We spoke with Pam Franklin about the 8th Annual Walk to Remember. This event is for parents, family, friends and caregivers who have lost a child. Find out more in the interview below or on their FB page HERE. 



walk pic



And our friend Gina came in to talk about her personal battle with breast cancer. She highlighted 3 local events people can get involved in. Hear her in the interview below or register for her Race Team HERE.



cina pic


Lake Loot


Q: Guess what!  In most states it’s not against the law to do THIS. What?

A: Drive without shoes on!

Winner: Rhonda and Charlotte Ware from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: It takes on average 50 days for THIS to happen. What?

A: Pumpkins to grow to full maturity!

Winner: No Winner!


Q: Most of us do this but almost all of us are doing it wrong! What?

A: Washing our hands!

Winner: Mallory Dauvat from Slidell!


Q: In sports the average time for THIS is 11 minutes. What?

A: How long a football is actually in play during an NFL game!

Winner: Kelly Brandt in Slidell!


_____________ during the day can help people make better decisions.  What?

A: Naps

Winner: Danny Stanley from Madisonville!

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