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Our day started with Sophie, Miranda and Victoria from NS on Tap and the Warrior Wing Cook-Off. Both of these events are this weekend in Slidell and they help local non-profits. Find out more in the interview below.



slidell gals


We also talked to Mayor Mike Cooper from Covington. He spoke about some events coming up and told us about the new budget. We also spoke about Tim Lentz, who has resigned as police chief.






And we hosted Donna Laurent from the St Tammany School System. She was here to talk about their Talented Arts Festival this weekend at Lakeshore. Find out more in the interview below.





Lake Loot


Q: It is a pretty commonly used word but has only been around since 1883. Which word is it?

A: Hello

Winner: Jessica Sanchez from Pearl River!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Between noon and midnight, how many times do the hands of a clock form a right angle?

A: 23

Winner: Xander Yates from Lacombe!


Q: People were asked “If there was a magazine about your life, it would be called “____ Monthly.” This was the #1 answer…?

A: Stressed!

Winner: Gina Rybczyk from Covington!


According to a survey, what is the #1 question to ask before getting married?

A: Do you like animals?!

Winner: Rebecca Mcinteer from Mandeville!


Q: Getting more __________ can help you make better decisions. What is it?

A: Education

Winner: Mike Moore from Hammond!

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