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Do you live in Fire District 4? Hear Chief Kenneth Moore’s pitch for a parcel fee that will be used to build new fire stations. He also spoke about 2 renewals that will be on the ballot. Hear him below.




st t 4


M and M’s Pizzeria came by the studio this morning. Margo and Mike wanted to tell everyone about their name change and their great pizza. Hear them below.




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We also spoke with Reina Gardner from Christ Episcopal School. They have an open house event later this week for parents of young children. Hear more in the interview below.



christ 1



Lake Loot


Q: This is the most popular tattoo design for women over 40…what is it?

A: A Rose

Winner: Madison Barbin from Pearl River!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: In one Virginia town it’s illegal for kids over 12 to do THIS. What?

A: Trick or Treat

Winner: Brianna Deckleman from Slidell!


Q: There is one state you could be arrested for wearing THIS Halloween costume.  What is it?

A: A priest

Winner: Hunter Rollins from Covington!


Q: Doing this 3 to 4 times a day keeps the doctor away. What?

A: Drinking a cup of coffee.

Winner: Kyle Knauth from Mandeville!


Q: A new study suggests that taking a scenic route to work improves your mental health. Doing THIS resulted in even better mental health scores for workers. What?

A: Biking or walking to work.

Winner: Tracy Domingues from Slidell!

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