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We are hunting Halloween costume pics. Submit them on social media. Here’s Super Maggie!




Today’s first guest was Noble from Miracle League. She wanted to talk about Radiothon, which is coming up. And they have an event tonight with Trick or Treating!





Next up was an interview about the Women’s Second Annual Polo Match. This event funds help for racehorses who need a home. Find out more in the interview below.




Our last interview was with Stone Creek Club and Spa. Larry and Stephanie talked about a veterans event they do in November. Hear them below.




Lake Loot


Q: Almost half of us say we never experienced THIS as a kid. What is it?

A: Being grounded

Winner: Denise Carlos from Covington!


Q: According to international law, the territorial waters of most countries extend how many miles out to sea from their shorelines?

A: 12

Winner: Donovan Barriloux from Metairie!


Q: Experts say you shouldn’t let your kids do this alone until they’re 7.  What is it?

A: Brush their teeth

Winner: Wendy Seghers from Covington!


Q: 1 in 5 employees say they’d be more productive at work if they had this. What is it?

A: A better boss

Winner: Leslie Wolff from Mandeville!


Q: 9 out of 10 parents agree that this person should be paid more. Who?

A: The babysitter

Winner: Shannon Bordelon from Slidell!

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