Today we started our 12 Days of Christmas. Day 1 belonged to Honey Baked Ham. Hear 
Elvis the Elf talk about them and why you should be shopping locally this Christmas. 

We spoke with Kaitlyn from Northshore Humane Society. She wanted to tell everyone about their big adoption event this weekend. Hear her talk about it in the interview below. 

Margaret came by from Honey Baked Ham. Hear her talking about how they can help you at Christmas in the interview below. 

Lake Loot 


Q: If you live in Minnesota, you’re more likely to do this than people in any other state. What is it?

A: Vote

Winner: No Winner!


Q: On the cover of the Beatles’ album, the fab four are crossing Abbey Road. Which Beatle is in front, on the right side, list the order from there?

A: John Lennon, then Ringo, Paul and George

Winner: August Bailey from Mandeville!


Q: There are about 11 of these in the U.S. They each serve a specific area of the country and if you see one you will know exactly what it is. What are they?

A: Oscar Mayer Weinermobiles

Winner: Gary Agina from Covington!


Q: In 2005, 94 1/2 million Americans owned one of these … not-so-much anymore.


Winner: Ellen Bies from Mandeville!


Q: Studies suggest the more you do THIS, the more people will like you. What?

A: Ask Questions

Winner: Karen Case from Slidell!

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