Our first guest this morning was Kaitlyn from Northshore Humane Society. She talked about their rescue efforts in Bogalusa and the need for donations. Hear her in the interview below.

And we spoke with David from the New Orleans Mission. Hear what he said about their new food pantry in the interview below.

Lake Loot

Q: Name a computer term that everybody knows.  What’s #3?

A: Ram

Winner: No Winner!

7:10 Kids Loot  

Q: People were asked to name the top animated Rabbit?  What’s #5?

A: Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh)  

Winners: Reece and Allie Winstead from Covington!


Q: People were asked to name a movie that takes place mostly on water. What was the #4 most popular response?

A: Under Siege

Winner: Tariq Qadir from Mandeville!


Q: Name a canned food you always have in your cupboard. What’s #4

A: Spaghetti O’s

Winner: Danielle Kurucar from Lacombe!


Q: What was the most popular catch phrase of the 90’s.  What’s #4?

A: Da Bomb

Winner: No Winner!

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