Tiffany McGary-Cyprian brought by Commander John Callahan from the VFW to talk about a new ball they are doing this Mardi Gras. Learn more about it in the interview below.

Lake Loot

Q: People were asked to share a slang word or phrase used to refer to husbands or dads. #1 was Old Man. What’s #5 on the list of responses?

A: Poppy

Winner: Jody Brandt from Slidell!

Q: Parents were asked to name one thing they wouldn’t want their children doing as adults. The #1 response was smoking. What’s #7?

A: Bullying and or Gossiping

Winner: Marigny Vaughn from Covington!  

Q: Name a pair of something that you can not wear. #1 was twins. What is #6?

A: Tweezers

Winner: Sahar and Soren Gauger from Covington!


Q: Name an occupation where you have to wake up early in the morning.  What’s #4

A: Baker 

Winner: Wendy Seghers from Covington!


Q: Name a type of salad.  What is #5?

A: Waldorf

Winner: Barbara Lang from Madisonville!

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