Today our friends stopped by from STPH. We talked heart health with Missy and Amanda. And Amanda spoke about Gurney Games, which is one week from this Sunday. Find out more in the interview below.

Cliff Bergeron came by to talk about the 8th Annual A Taste of Covington. This 4 day event brings food, drinks and friends together at different locations all over Covington. Find out more on their website HERE, or listen to the interview below.

NS Sports

Lake Loot Callers

Did you call in to win some Loot today? Here are all the calls we took….

Lake Loot

6:40 and 7:10

Q: Name a childhood fear you carried with you into adulthood. The #1 response was Spiders. What’s #5?

A: Thunderstorms

Winner: Alex Lloyd from Ponchy!  


You’re giving a speech, name something you’d hate to have happen. What’s #6?

A: Getting boo’d

Winner: No Winner!


Q: What is another word for dirty? Dusty was the #1 response.  What’s #4

A: Yucky

Winner: Rebecca McInteer from Mandeville!


Q: What is something a woman loses that makes her cry when she finds it? #1 is lost wedding/engagement ring.  What’s # 4?

A: A child

Winner: Bonnie Lucio in Mandeville!  

One thought on “Lake Rewind: February 7, 2019

  1. If I missed an interview with Lakeshore varsity basketball team is there way to get a copy of it or hear it online. I was told It would air this morning.



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