Ronny Kastner came by from Slidell’s Krewe of Poseidon. They roll this Saturday night. Find out more on their website HERE or listen to the interview below.

Lake Loot


Q: Name a word that you might see before or after the word “wax”. #1 was Candle wax. What’s #4?

A: Wax Museum

Winner: Grace Stelly from Abita!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Name something you’d probably learn at clown school. What’s #4?

A: Riding a unicycle

Winner: Teal, Evie and Daniel Mortimer from Covington!


Q: Name a cereal that was around when you were a kid and is still around today. #1 is Corn Flakes. What’s #3?

A: Trix

Winner: No Winner!


Q:Give me a word or phrase that contains the word “Belly”…What’s #5?

A: Bellyache

Winner: Karen Wintz from Mandeville!


Q: Name a 2-word phrase includes the word “secret”…What’s #4?

A: Secret society 

Winner: Tammy Rodriguez from Mandeville!

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