Today’s first guests were from St Tammany Parish Hospital. They have an event coming up for nurses who might be interested in joining the team at STPH. We talked to Amy, Kathy and Mathilde about it and you can hear them below.

We also spoke with Michelle from Vintage Market Days. They will be displaying their wares in Amite this weekend. This is a BIG event and very well done. Find out more in the interview below.

And we spoke with Christine and Grace about the Northshore Gumbo Cook-off. This weekend they will have 20 teams competing for prizes. Come hungry, there will be gumbo, drinks and great music. Also check out Grace singing below…

Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 3 of us did THIS at least once during the month of February. What?? 

A: Went to the movies

Winner: Pete Tortorich from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: 1 in 5 people do THIS while watching their favorite team play. What?

A: Bite their nails 

No Winner!


Q: On average, this happens to you 5 times while driving during your lifetime; what is it? 

A: Having a flat tire

Winner: Megan Sellstrom from Slidell!


Q: 31 years of age, that’s when the average person stops doing THIS. What is it? 

A: Having birthday parties 

Winner: Dominic Bourgeois from Covington!


Q: Only 1 in 20 people openly admit they are really bad at THIS. What?

A: Driving

Winner: Joe Gray from Slidell!

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