Here’s your chance to win a Facial from Paradise on Columbia Med Spa. Every day at 7:35, 9:35, 2:35 and 4:35 we’ll go to the phone lines and let one caller have a chance to guess the value of this package. All we will tell them if they don’t guess it exactly is that their guess is too HIGH or too LOW. We’ll keep going until someone gets it right!!!!!

7:35 – Christine Guessed $125 and it was….Too High!!!

9:35 – Teresa guessed $85 and it was…Too High!!!

2:35 – Steven guessed $75 and was…TOO HIGH!!!

4:35 – Theresa guessed $49 and was…TOO LOW!!!

7:35 – Hunter guessed $63 and was…TOO HIGH!!!

9:35 – Darlene guessed $55 and was…TOO LOW!!!

2:35 – Theresa from Slidell guessed $60 and was TOO HIGH!!!

4:35 – Lisa & Hunter guessed $56 and was..TOO LOW!!

7:35 – Tabitha guessed $43 and that was TOO LOW!!

9:35 – Steven from Covington guessed $59 and that was TOO HIGH!!!

2:35 – Deborah from Covington guessed $58 and…WON!!!

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