Today’s Spotlight for Sports shines on Northlake Christian’s girls…

Our first guest today was our own Sarah Cottrell from our EDGE of the Lake Magazine. The new issue is out. Go find your free copy today!

Rick and Larry came by from the Mandeville Lions Club to talk about their upcoming Cars for the Cause. Find out more in the interview below.

And Marianne was here to talk about the Girl Scouts. They have their Thin Mint Sprint this weekend. Get a little exercise and support them!

Lake Loot


Q: Single women are twice as likely to buy THIS as single men. What?

A: A house! 

Winner: Hillary and Annabella Marse from Kenner!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Teenagers today do it half as much as teenagers did 5 years ago. What?

A: Watch TV! 

Winner: Reece


Q: This is true for almost 5% of adults, 2% of seniors and just under 10% of high school students. What is it?

A: They’re vegetarian! 

Winner: No Winner!


Q: Americans consume 60%  of the world’s supply of this. What?

A: Pizza!

Winner: Kimber Foret from Covington!


Q: About half of all couples say they always share THIS with each other. What?

A: Passwords!

Winner: No Winner!

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