Amy Bouton came by from St Tammany Parish Government. She updated us on several projects and spoke about services the parish offers during emergencies. Find out more in the interview below.

Lincoln was in the studio to talk about Jazz in the Vines, which kicks off this weekend. For 20 years they have been bringing in great music acts to play on their grounds. Find out more in the interview below.

And Roger is sold on coaching for Miracle League. Hear about his team and experience in today’s NS Spotlight…

Lake Loot


Q: More than 2 million Americans play this instrument. What is the instrument?

A: The accordion

Winner: Matthew Ashley from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: Name the state that has the most ghost towns compared to anywhere else in the US. What state is it?

A: Oregon

Winner: Camella Boddi from Mandeville!


Q: 2 out of 5 pet owners do this for their pets on a daily basis. What? 

A: Leave the TV/radio on

Winner: Molly Gardner from Mandeville!


Q: More than half of us get upset when they see this on a restaurant menu… What is it?

A: Spelling errors

Winner: Glen Lacombe from Madisonville!


Q: People were asked to name the most intimidating exercise to do? One in 3 listed THIS. What is it?

A: Yoga

Winner: No Winner!

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