Miranda came by from Hospice Foundation of the South. They have their big Crawfish Cook-Off coming up and she wanted to tell us all about it. She brought along one of her board members, Mike Sevante. Get your tickets online HERE. Hear them in the interview below.

Patrick and Sherri came by the talk about the 6th Annual Run to Remember. Find out more about it in the interview below.

Sports Spotlight

Lake Loot


Q: About 15% Americans pays someone to do this – with the average pay being 15 bucks an hour. What is it?

A: Take care of their yard

Winner: Jason Woodfin from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot and 7:40

Q: Dads are twice as likely as moms to NOT use this product… What is it?

A: Sunscreen

Winner: Ashley Santini from Slidell!


Q: 10% of adults say this is the most stressful thing they do all year… What is it?

A: Go on vacation

Winner: Susie Knipe from Slidell!


Q: 1 in 3 male workers have taken this step after a performance review — versus just 1 in 10 women. What is it?

A: Quit

Winner: Mike Lewis from Picayune

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