Today we had Mayor Mike Cooper stop by to talk about things going on in Covington. April is full of events. Hear all about them in the interview below.

We also spoke with Annette Dowdle from the American Heart Association. They have an event April 16th at Mercedes of Covington. It is an Executive Challenge and you can find out more in the interview below. Their Heart Walk is coming up June 1st and you can register HERE.

Lake Loot

6:40 and 7:10

Q: Right now 1 in 3 of us are putting off doing this. Doing what?

A: Getting a haircut!

Winner: Maddie Faust from Covington!


Q: Half of all people who live together disagree on how to do this. Do what?

A: How to load the dishwasher!

Winner: Leanne Bourgeois from Covington!


Q: One in seven people have quit a job for THIS reason. What?

A: Failed office romance 

Winner: Maggie Kelly from Mandeville!


Q: 1 in 5 women always do THIS when taking a selfie. What is it? 

A: Turn to the left, which they feel is their best side

Winner: Terry Dash from Covington!

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