Today’s first guests were from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Lori and Marlise talked about the Parenting Center and some programs they are offering right now including Safe Sitter, Chop and more. Hear them in the interview below.

Julie was here from COAST. She is riding her bike from Slidell to Covington on Saturday to raise awareness for the work that COAST does. Find out more in the interview below.

And Fernando was here from Sportsman’s Warehouse. Their Ladies Night is tonight! Stop by for deals and fun!

Lake Loot


Q: Top 3 things we miss from our childhood are…summers off, our friends, and what???

A: Fewer responsibilities

Winner: Jennifer Smith from Slidell!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: This happens 300 times per week in your house. What is it?

A: Someone opens and shuts the fridge

Winner: Kate Clabert from Franklinton!


Question: New poll asked if you could choose your spouse based on their occupation, what would you choose? #1 answer-Doctor. What’s #2?

Answer: Pilot!

Winner: David Moon from Alamagordo New Mexico!


Q: California has 35. That’s more than any other state. 35 what?

A: Area codes!

Winner: Caroline Smitherman from Mandeville!


Q: You could find one of over 160 different brands of THIS product for sale at retail stores today. What?

Answer: Tooth paste! 

Winner: Shannon Branch from Abita!

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