Today we had Erica and Brittany in from Mary Bird Perkins. They wanted to talk about an event coming up in Hammond that incorporates yoga with a skin cancer screening. For more information check out the interview below. You can find out more online HERE.

And Preston stopped by to talk about the big Crawfish Cook-off. This is the 10th time the St Paul’s Alumni Association has put on this event. To find out more check out the interview below.

The Lake Spotlight for today belongs to…

Lake Loot


Q: If you have one of these it is probably about 11 years old. What is it?

A: A car!

Winner: Kristin Thibodaux from Mandeville!

7:10 Kids Loot

Q: “This” (animal) goes from 0 to 40 mph in 1.5 seconds…

A: A greyhound

Winner: No Winner!


Q: Nearly 40% of us do “this” every day. What is it?

A: Eat fast food

Winner: Susan Hazard from Slidell!


Q: About 1 in 6 people say this is the FIRST thing they do every morning when they get to work.

A: Check in with the boss

Winner: Kelly Hartley from Slidell!


Q: 1 in 3 married couples say they met here. Where?

A: A friend’s party

Winner: Keely Cole from Slidell!

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