Our first guest this morning was Ken, who was here to talk about a car show this weekend in Folsom. The Knights of Columbus are hosting their 7th show. Find out more in the interview below.

St Tammany Parish Hospital brought in one of their partners, Ochsner, to talk about a new facility they are opening in Lacombe. This joint effort will greatly improve healthcare in the area. Hear Melissa and Melissa talk about it in the interview below.

Parish President Pat Brister came in to talk about her reelection campaign. We also spoke about her recent press conference with Governor Edwards. Hear more in the interview below.

And Sheriff Randy Smith came in to talk about his effort to secure a second term. We also spoke about a few recent news stories. Hear him below.

Lake Loot


Q: Almost 100% of us have at least one of these in the house. But 60% of them do not work. What?

A: Flashlight

Winner: Randy P from Abita!


Q: You will find 4 to 6 of these in your home’s bathrooms. What?

A: Bottles of shampoo

Winner: Lynette S from Covington!


Q: 1 in 5 men said talking about THIS is unacceptable on a date?
A: Talking politics

Winner: Caroline Raymond from Mandeville!


Q: Statistically we do this more in the Fall compared to the other 3 seasons. What is it?

A: Show up for work!

Winner: No Winner!

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