Mayor Villere was our first guest this morning. Right at the beginning of the clip he explains the process and idea behind raising the wall at the lake. There is a public meeting coming up, too. Hear him below.

Melissa came by to talk about the St Tammany Parish Fair. She brought along royalty, too. We spoke with Rachel, Natalia and Yvone about their experiences with the fair. Find out more in the interview below.

And Laurie Pennison came by to talk about her campaign for judge. Hear what she is all about and why she thinks should would be a good person for the job in the interview below.

Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 6 women say this is one of the most romantic things a guy can do on a date during the summer, although they might not live around New Orleans. What is it?

A: Horse drawn carriage ride

Winner: Bobbie Dreiss from Abita!

 7:10 Kids Loot

Q: 1 in 5 parents reward their kids by giving them THIS. What?

A: No chores

Winner: Hannah Millet from Covington!


Q: They really shouldn’t but 1 in 4 people have a hard time remembering this. What is it?

A: Their blood type

Winner: Mark Olier from Abita!  


Q: Not so 20 years ago, but now 1 in 3 people say they forget to do THIS on a daily basis. What is it?

A: Check the mail

Winner: Tina Petreich from Slidell!


Q: 7 in 10 men fess up when they do it. Only 2 in 10 women do. It isn’t gross. What is it?

A: Snoring

Winner: Ryan Suhre from Madisonville!

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