With live and local content, the Lake 94.7 delivers a dedicated and local audience. It is affordable and easy.

If you want to know more about all of the properties in our locally owned media group you can click HERE. 

If you want to know more about advertising opportunities on the Lake 94.7 contact Charles Dowdy through email at charles@lake947.com.

Or fill out the contact sheet below and someone will get right back to you.

5 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. The Hannan Softball boosters are having their 3rd annual Wild Game Feast on March 6, 1-6 pm. Last year our chairman and softball coach was allowed to go on the radio to promote it. Can we do this again? We will also bring some tickets to give away as well. I can send you a copy of our flyer if you would like. You can call my cell 985-789-9113. Or send me an email and I will forward the flyer. Thank you for the consideration


    1. Email the flyer to charles at lake 947 dot com. We’d love to have you guys on again. You can look at the interview calendar and send a few possible dates along with the flyer. Thanks.


  2. This is Jaden Picone of the J Twins. The Booster Club for the Fontainebleau Girls’ Basketball Team is having a Garage Sale and Craft Show on May 20. We need vendors and shoppers. Can you help us? Thank you for the consideration.


  3. I’d love to come in air and promote the first annual Hosanna Gala! March 9. We will have a 5 course dinner, cork pull, live entertainment, and great prizes including a beach getaway and private 4 course wine pairing.

    The proceeds will help fund our senior high summer trip to Chicago where they will help build homes for an inner city family.

    We’d be happy to give y’all some tickets to give away or to share amongst your team!


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