Lake Rewind: December 13, 2018

NORTHSHORE TWEET OF THE DAY Today we had Amanda and Nicole in from STPH. They wanted to talk about the work the STPH Foundation did this year. Find out more in the interview below.;rsAmQjKyJ8Kjat7M~_~_VfmGUonmVNU8i3mwKcj6OxmVSyfYj~;SuVQumTNkmj3r3JU~_7HC0fPgKOVkVq8orvTkfHfrIRWetGT7OcLrBOLnlaYMZ7yp26CAzJjNmltcl~_K70tR1HQHkXPpUDpk7iEurwWuoksipn6CzRh5dZKa8sk~_laznzFvfhfJTFLwm2U~_E9Ljz3Ly7lXlXoxl8r77f0LpqjZAw~-~-.bps.a.10157008743933615/10157008745683615/?type=3&theater Elvis the Elf talked about The Villa for our 12 Days of Christmas. Hear him below.  We also got … Continue reading Lake Rewind: December 13, 2018